A birthday poem!

[Warning: the following may result in heart-melting and fuzzy feelings.]

Aw!!! I'm so delighted to have received this beautiful birthday poem today!

This poem was written by my dearest of dear friends, Jenn Field, a woman of such incredible nature, grace and profound wisdom that some days I can scarcely believe I get to call her a friend, let alone my closest! So blessed.

Little p
You are so special to me!

Rainbow sprite,
You shine so bright!
You make things right and bring the light
To help move beyond fight or flight.

It flows and glows and feels so right, and
With deep full breaths, come great insight.
So much light,
Your art is the world’s delight.

So let it shine,
Your Self Divine.
The Great plan unravelled, with your
Life and Love well travelled.

Expect miracles upon grace,
Do not be in haste.
Bliss is here now,
Love every meow.

Happy birthday little p!
You are so special...
Don’t you see?
— Jenn Field

Jenn + I at Folk Fest, Vancouver in July 2016.