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Common Questions:

Can you add unique touches added to my print? (Embellishing)

Texture, such as brush strokes, add visual interest and value to a reproduction, making it look more like the original painting. I'm happy to accommodate requests for changes to any print or commissioned work, provided I can make them. If significant changes are requested, there will be a nominal alteration fee. (This is common among artists.)

What is the difference between canvas and paper prints?

Generally, the details and colour translate better on canvas than paper. I personally prefer the glossy, vibrant look of canvas prints, which do not need to be framed and covered in glass, and therefore, the image itself stands out more. Glare, dust and dirt on glass can distract from or even ruin the effect of a piece of art and framing can get very expensive.

All of my 'stretched canvas' prints come ready to hang. They are “gallery-wrapped” prints, which means that the image wraps around the edges of the stretcher bars so that the sides will either be a continuation of the image or a solid color. They offer stylish, low-cost alternative to traditional framing. Gallery-wrapped prints also have a vibrant 3-D look, as though they were taken straight from a gallery or museum. Custom stretcher bars prevent compression marks and creases during handling and shipping so your piece arrives in perfect condition.

The advantage of paper prints is cost efficacy, which can make room in the budget for epic framing options that really can add to a piece when done right.

Stretched or rolled canvas print?

All canvas prints must be stretched in order to be displayed. A 'rolled canvas' print is a print that has not yet been stretched over “stretcher bars," which comprise the wooden frame over which the canvas is stretched then stapled in place. Once stretched, it may be framed or hung as is. The main differences are that 1) you can save money on shipping a rolled canvas, particularly on large pieces, and 2) you'll have to get it stretched yourself, which you can have done at a framing shop or specialised art supply stores (such as Opus in Vancouver, BC). If you're industrious, you can do it yourself, however stretching a canvas requires some expertise to get looking just right. YouTube can offer helpful advice, but it is easy to damage a print in the process so unless you have experience in doing it, I would recommend getting your prints professionally stretched or just to order them stretched for a small upcharge.

What is a giclee?

The word giclée ("g-clay"), is derived from the French verb “gicler” meaning "to squirt or spray". Giclée describes a fine art digital printing process combining pigment-based inks with high quality archival quality paper to achieve prints of superior archival quality, light fastness and stability. (Taken from http://www.metro-print.co.uk/)

How long will my print last?

All prints are made with Canon and HP archival OEM inks, which are rated to last over 100 years. So, as long as don’t hang them in direct sunlight , your print should last just as long. 

How are my prints made?

All of my prints from a Canadian company that uses only the very best poly-cotton canvas available. They use 44" and 60" inch Canon and HP printers and archival OEM inks. (Poly-cotton canvas is used instead of traditional cotton canvas; while cotton is very popular due to its cheap cost, it is currently the material with the most defects per square foot of all canvas materials on the market. Poly-cotton canvas retains the look and feel of cotton canvas – you can't actually tell them apart – but it doesn't have the bumps, bad treads, and won't sag in dry weather.)

What if my print arrives damaged?

In the extremely unlikely case that a print is damaged in transit, I will gladly replace it. I will respectfully request a photograph of any damage incurred so I can consult with my shipping agent.

If you order the wrong size print, I am happy to exchange it for you, however, I ask that you cover any upcharges or shipping costs.