Mary is an incredibly talented, intuitive artist. I really enjoyed her approach and communication style.

The process for my Essence Portrait was very unique & heartfelt. She combines her research side & intuition to really understand her clients and capture their truth in these Portraits. The Portrait process required a lot of trust & openness for both sides.

I was very pleasantly surprised with my Portrait outcome – it was beyond my imagination! It really highlighted what I’d suspected about myself – my own self view was much harsher than the truth.

In my self-discovery, I have found the painting to be incredibly valuable to my inner healing. The painting is the one thing that is a constant reminder and positive affirmation.

While the hustle & bustle of life happens, my Essence Portrait is the reminder of who I really am & helps me stay balanced & grounded. I didn’t realize the painting would have such a drastic positive impact on my daily life. I highly recommend Mary’s Essence Portraits to anyone seeking their own truth or gifting it to a loved one.
— Tanya, Consultant and Business Leader
Mary is equally talented as she is empathic, wise and wonderful. Her art is very diverse in its range of expression, which is reflective of her unlimited ability, inspiration and skill.

In particular, the Portraits that Mary offers are simply medicine for the soul: she is able to listen deeply to what is not always spoken to, and capture the essence of a person, couple, family, event, business or home in a way that creates not only stunning art, but also an opportunity for deeper connection, growth, expansion and insight through unique expression. These creations uplift all, creating evolution through beauty and connection to self.

Through her art and personal expression, she spreads radical joy! To work with Mary, to witness her work, and to have her art in our home and business is truly an honour.
— Jennifer Field, Retreat & Spa Owner, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Social Service Worker
As an artist, Mary Pines has seemingly tapped into her purpose in life. In her own unique way, combining her scientific background & intuition, she has the ability to distill the essence of her subject.

From a dew drop to an animate being, the artist vividly captures energy on canvas. The viewer is compelled to ‘feel’ into the painting.

Her form of artistry is clearly exemplified in her Essence portraits. I was truly honoured by her ability to ‘see’ me, and to create such a wonderful portrayal of my soul. It’s a very intimate & personal gift for oneself.

A beautiful person, a gifted artist... Thank you Dr. Mary Pines
— Dr. Evangelos Papoutsis, DDS, Dentist
Mary is a passionate, inspired artist and it comes across with every brush stroke. She has an uncanny ability to take a vision and express it on canvas, blending dreamscape with the natural world.

I’m overjoyed that Mary is pouring so much love in to her artwork because she has a gift and the world wants to her to share it.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary for an Essence Portrait; I was met with a deeply inquisitive, curious mind. The process was transformative and healing for me... and when I first saw the creation I was amazed: my essence had been alchemized into an art form!

Mary’s art uplifts, shines light, colour and will surely glorify any space, home or business. So much gratitude.
— Brad Fox, Retreat/Vacation Host, Affordable Housing Director