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Curiosity and a love for biology led me to an art habit and a PhD. I create from the intersection of science, nature and self-inquiry. 

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Organic Abstractions Collection

Vibrant, flowing forms echo the joy, mystery and playfulness of life, highlighting the seen and unseen energies that underlie existence, from atoms to ecosystems.  

Abstract Collection

A collection portraying what can only be felt, imagined or theorized...feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Custom "Essence" Portraits

I see people and organisations as arrays of images, colours and textures and paint them as commissioned portraits.

Being seen and acknowledged in a piece of original fine art is a uniquely touching, profound experience for most people. Clients report the process to be "deeply fulfilling" and "insightful," and an "incredible gift for yourself or a loved one."

More information on Portraits, which can include corporate logos and concept art.

Please contact me to request custom work. 

Cellular Landscapes Collection

I spent more than a decade training and working as a research scientist, studying gorgeous subcellular structures that I vowed to one day share as art.

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