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Equal parts artist/scientist/explorer, curiosity led Mary to an art habit & a PhD in Molecular Biology.  She creates fine art and learning experiences that bridge science, art and self-inquiry.


Explore 4 unique collections:

Organic Abstractions


 Soul Essence portraits

Cellular landscapes

Organic Abstractions

What if you could dream while you are awake?

Playing out in colourful, organic forms, this collection bridges the physical and metaphysical and is inspired by the surreal, intricate nature of existence. Each piece is infused with organic beauty and vibrant colours that echo joy, love, playfulness and the mystery of life. 


Inspired mostly by scientific ideas, this collection represents what can only be felt or imagined. 

Soul Essence Portraits

Custom creations that represent the authentic self, beyond what is 'skin-deep.' 

    As Mary comes to know people, they appear to her as arrays of images, colours, shapes and textures. Embracing this unusual gift, which she likens to a sort of synaesthesia, she started to paint these visualizations as commissioned portraits.

Based on profound feedback from her clients, it soon became clear that these portraits often depict what is hidden or unrealized, illuminating the truth of a person, or what is most essential about them on the deepest level, beyond what is held in belief or Ego. She thus began to call these works “Soul Essence Portraits.”

    The experience of having one's portrait done can be a deep and revealing journey, which begins before brush even touches canvas.  

    Seeing the beauty and creativity in one's true self can be a very liberating and expansive process for many. The act of simply being seen and heard is often a profoundly insightful and touching gift for clients. 

While the hustle & bustle of life happens, my Soul Essence Portrait is the reminder of who I really am & helps me stay balanced & grounded. I didn’t realize the painting would have such a drastic positive impact on my daily life. I highly recommend Mary’s Soul Essence Portraits to anyone seeking their own truth or gifting it to a loved one.
— Tanya, Management Consultant & Business Leader

Mary also creates corporate logos and concept art. Commissions welcome. Interviews can be done in person, by phone or on Skype.


For more information, please click here.

Cellular Landscapes

Mary spent more than a decade training as a scientist, studying structures she came to love and appreciate on many levels, not least for their beauty. She was able capture beautiful images of cells and sub-cellular structures using powerful microscopes. This collection presents some of that work.

For more information, see here. To learn more about the structures represented in each image, click on the image.


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