It's LIVE!!

"Cellular Landscapes; Structures of Beauty", my new science-as-art collection, is now live and I couldn't be more excited!!! 

This has been YEARS in the making: I had so many visions of turning the gorgeous things I saw into art as I sat for countless hours looking at gorgeous 'immunofluorescent' tissue samples under microscopes! (Seriously, >1000 hours...i couldn't even begin to count them...!) 

It's been an interesting inner journey with this collection... It's so ingrained in us as scientists NEVER TO TWEAK OR ALTER any image, for any reason EVER, for fear of DEATH (ie. journal retraction!). Not even joking.

So it was an interesting and very liberating feeling to just go ahead and dibble dabble, all willy-nilly, free-wheeling style, with any image I want to make it even more badass awesome!! WOAH!! Hahahaha! I actually laughed out loud the first time I did it! And I also experienced quite a lot of discomfort initially, as the innate feeling that I was doing something WRONG bubbled up from my years of rigid training...bye-bye creative shackles! Woooooooo! 

NEXT! I want to take this collection to the next level by blowing some of these images up in large format and painting on them, embellishing what nature has already done so beautifully to make them even more intriguing and magical! FUN!

[A quick little plea: before I can go further with this collection, I need to generate some support for it. If you love this collection and want to see it go further, please consider purchasing a print or making a donation to my Patreon page - any amount would be deeply, truly valued! You'll be rewarded in kind!]