I create from the inside out, inspired by the feelings of awe, freedom and relaxation that come from time spent in the wilderness.

Though my subconscious is my project manager, the world around me is my dream team.  My work honours the delicate balance of life, from atoms to ecosystems.

I make this balance palpable by painting my subjects as notes in a visual symphony: the elemental forces - mountains, trees, water, skies - move together in concert.  Vibrant undertones, balanced geometries and sweeping gestures draw the eye into the graceful flow of nature.

I don’t simply recapitulate what the eye can see, but rather, the extraordinary dynamics at play all around us.  My hope is that people will value the environment more and endeavour to protect it once they notice this sensitive balance.



In knowing that all we have is now and all we are is everything around us, I do my best to "be the change I wish to see in the world", to carry a smile, to take the time to help others. I aim to spread joy every day and recognise the beauty in everyone I meet. Connecting with people of all walks of life, creeds, passions and orientations is one of my greatest joys.

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.
— William B Yeats