Gentle Moon

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Gentle Moon

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Like a wise grandfather, the gentle moon casts soft light on the lush forest floor, illuminating slow growth and quiet decay. Shed antlers, unfurling ferns, emergent mushroom bodies and flourishing moss illustrate a life cycle that is humble, serene and still. Crisp, clean air invigorates the senses following the rains that nourish these forests and fuel this delicate ecosystem. Tread lightly.

The Haida Moon
The Moon is known as the protector and
guardian of the earth. The Moon spirit watches
over us governing our emotions. The Moon has
long been a powerful symbol for Spiritual guidance.
It controls the tides and cycles of the Earth, and acts
as a guardian of souls.


30"x30". Acrylic on canvas. $2600.

Canvas and paper prints available. Please email

All giclée and paper prints are made in Canada with the highest quality archival inks, canvases and papers. Aluminum and acrylic prints available on request.

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