I love to co-create with clients and am available for commissioned work on a variety of scales, from simple concept drawings to large-scale murals, company logos to tattoos.

I also "live paint" at events, where I translates the essence, emotions and energy of my surroundings into original works of art, from weddings to festivals to fundraisers...a excellent way to add ambience and capture special moments! Please contact me for pricing.

How do I commission a piece of art?

People generally take two approaches to commissioning art: they either want something that speaks to a general idea and leave the execution entirely to the artist, or they have a specific idea of what they want. Both are great and I can work within either parameter (or somewhere between). I will generally ask for some guidance from my clients (for example, where the piece will be hung, and the general feeling they would like conveyed), but mostly I create by intuition. My clients usually let me run with a general idea and I'm pleased to say that this has never failed to satisfy completely.

If you have very specific ideas in mind or are particular about how you would like a piece to turn out, it is very helpful if you send pictures, images or any references you may have that inspired your idea. We can also set up an approval process for the commissioned piece so that you get exactly what you want. This means I walk you through each step of creating your piece before I proceed, especially the sketching process. 

You can choose what you would like your piece painted on: wood, canvas, paper and board, or less traditional substrates...a wall, surf board, recycled airplane fusilage, microwave, your favorite old pair of converse all-stars...Your creativity is my only limit. :) I can create pieces as large or as small as you want. I enjoy doing murals as well.

I'm starting to do tattoos and enjoy this work immensely. 


How much does commissioned work cost?

This of course depends entirely on the piece and it's best to get in touch with me about pricing, as I offer a good degree of flexibility. Due to the involved nature of Soul Essence Portraits (which require a deep reading process and extended working time), they generally start at $1500 for a 16x20" piece, for example, though I can create a smaller or simpler piece for less if desired. For other work, the price will vary according the level of detail and size of the piece. Please contact me with any questions you have on pricing so that we can come up with something that is a win for both of us. I also humbly request a 50% deposit on commissioned works

NOTE: I'm happy to offer payment in instalments.


What if I want to make changes to the work after it's finished?

I'm happy to accommodate requests for changes, provided I can make them. Depending on the size/nature of the change(s), I may charge an alteration fee (this is common among artists, especially if more than 2 changes are requested). 


How long will it take to complete?

    This depends on the nature and detail of the work, moreso than its size.  I generally request at least 2 weeks to complete a piece that is relatively uncomplex. Once we discuss what you would like, I can offer a you a better idea of timing. Soul Essence Portraits can be the exception: they can be very straight forward and take little time, or they may take much longer, depending on the person (see rationale under "The Process").

    I am happy to work within parameters to meet deadlines whenever possible. I love to create pieces for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings! I feel there's no greater gift than a beautiful piece of original art created just for your special people.