Nervous System Burst

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pigs1_CNS_z-stack3- mirror-stacks-plastic-wrap-blue.jpg

Nervous System Burst

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Generated from The Developing Nervous System:

Axons of the central nervous system coalesce to form "commissures" along the ventral midline in the fly embryo (seen here on its side), forming the ventral nerve cord (analagous to the vertebrate spinal cord). Striking similarities in brain and nerve cord development between insects and vertebrates have led to many important discoveries.


42x magnification. Confocal micrograph. Starburst effect generated in Photoshop.

(For aficionados, the cellular component labelled here is the cytoskeletal component actin - Rhodamine-Phalloidin stain.)


Imaged using an Olympus Fluoview 1000 in the laboratory of my gracious mentor, Dr Nick Brown (Cambridge University), with funding from the BBSRC, and gratitude to my PhD supervisor, Dr Katja Roper (MRC-LMB, Cambridge University).

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