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Commissioned work for Dr Jillian Deri. 

Jillian is an incredible woman: brilliant, kind, strong and beautiful. She is elegant and creative, often adorned in gorgeous fur and lace-trimmed treasures of her own creation. Both a social creature and an introvert, between dance parties and gatherings with dear friends, she is most at home in quiet of the forest and finds solace in crafting and playing in the depths of her imagination. She is inspired by the resplendent geometries and fractal elements of nature, inherent in moss, trees, the honeycomb and the nautilus. She is also a published author and holds a PhD in social psychology, achievements that speak both to her passion for life and the depth of her shining brilliance. You can just see it in her eyes...


Acrylic on Canvas. 20"x16".


All prints are limited edition giclées, printed on canvas or fine art paper with the highest quality archival inks. Individually signed and numbered.

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