Dr Evangelos

Dr Evangelos

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Commissioned work for Dr Evangelos Papoutsis, DDS (Naturopathic Dentist), Sunshine Coast, BC.

A truly gifted healer in so much than dentistry, Evangelos gives all of himself to everything he does. He taps into his innate wisdom and many modes of healing in his work and in life, treating his patients and friends with the utmost care and attention. His healing hands and kind heart have earned their impeccable reputation. He generous beyond anyone else I know. An angel on earth, he is also fiery (Aries!) and full of passion (Greek!). He at once gentle, kind and compassionate, and is also a warrior at heart, strong, determined and focused. Like the Pheonix from the flames, he has reinvented himself many times over, listening to the stars, the symbols, the signs, the Divine... He thrives in warm climes (like Kauai, Greece, Spain, Mexico...) and radiates the same warmth from the depth of his being.

24x30". Acrylic on canvas.

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