Soul Essence Portraits combine my artistic and intuitive senses with my love of people. Several years ago, I realized that I can visualise people in a unique way: by alchemizing images, colours and shapes to form an "energetic signature' that describes their essence. I integrate and translate these signatures onto canvas to create each portrait. As every individual, each portrait is totally unique. I create representations for businesses, concepts and company logos by a similar process.


The process.

    To begin the portrait process, I conduct an extensive interview, or 'reading', with her client, which can be done in person, by phone or over Skype and takes between 45 and 90 minutes. After the interview, I meditate on the imagery that comes through the reading process to allow more information and clarity. This usually occurs over several days, but can sometimes take much longer; some clients appear very clearly and resolve immediately into a cohesive image, while others may appear 'hazy', heavily abstracted or may be revealed slowly over weeks (or even months!). This depends on the willingness of the person/soul to be 'seen', or on clarity of the idea represented.) Once the vision is clear, I sketch the design on paper, often reworking or refining it several times.  I then translate the image in paint, pen and other media as she feels called to use them, onto canvas or wood.  (Media customizable on request.)

...[Mary’s] form of artistry is clearly exemplified in her Soul Essence portraits. I was truly honoured by her ability to ‘see’ me, and to create such a wonderful portrayal of my soul. It’s a very intimate & personal gift for oneself.
— Dr. Evangelos Papoutsis, DDS, Dentist

The Experience

 For those represented, this process behind these portraits can be a profound experience, which begins before brush even touches canvas.  (Click here to read testimonials.)

 One client hung hers in her bedroom so that she could ‘anchor [her] identity to her Portrait in the morning when [she] wakes up.' She reports that she has been able to identify 'deeper aspects of [her]self, shift old patterns and…find new purpose' through the clarity and insight she acquired through the both the creation process and in living with the finished Portrait.  Another client said that his acts as a 'portal' through which he sees 'profound depths' of himself.

Seeing the beauty and creativity in one's authentic self can be a very liberating and expansive process for many. The act of simply being seen and heard is often a deeply healing gift for clients. 

What do I receive?

    As I formulate each Portrait, I record details of the process that may hold significance to the client, such as concurrent experiences and insights. (I often experience the essence of a person while creating their Portrait; for example, the portrait may change or elements clarified coincident with a course of deep personal work on the client's behalf; fundamental changes can be revealed in the painting.) As I create, I makes sketches and take progress pictures. I includes all of this as part of the package, as well as a high-resolution digital copy of the finished Portrait.

    Beyond what each client receives in physical form, the greatest gifts that can come with having one's Portrait done are self-reflective in nature: feelings of acknowledgement, well-being and a deeper sense of self, clarity and even life purpose. The process can also bring up stories around self-worth, reluctance to being 'seen', identity and other insecurities, and so, can provide an amazing opportunity for growth. I have yet to receive one piece of negative feedback about the process, quite the opposite in fact.


    Pricing is flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

Due to the involved process, extended working time and personal nature of a portrait commission, they are generally more than my other commissioned works. For example, a 16x20" piece starts at $1500, and pricing goes up from there based on size and intricacy. I can create a smaller or simpler pieces in lower price ranges if desired. If you're unsure about sizing, I can make recommendations according to the client or space in which the portrait will be displayed. 

   I humbly request a 50% deposit on commissioned works. Please contact me with any questions you have about pricing so we can work together to come up with something that is a win for all. For more information on pricing or commissioning a piece of art, please see here.  



The Portraits that Mary offers are simply medicine for the soul: she is able to listen deeply to what is not always spoken to, and capture the essence of a person, couple, family, event, business or home in a way that creates not only stunning art, but also an opportunity for deeper connection, growth, expansion and insight through unique expression.
— Jennifer Field, RHN, Retreat Owner/Operator, Social Service Worker


Please connect with me if you would like to commission a Soul Essence Portrait of yourself or a loved one, or to represent a business or idea.