I often create from visceral experiences in nature that resonate with freedom and relaxation.

I paint my subjects as verbs: mountains, forests, skies and water move in concert, with beautifully balanced geometries. Vibrant, contrasting undertones and sweeping arcs draw the viewer into their graceful flow.

I don’t simply recapitulate what the eye can see, but rather, aim to portray the extraordinary.

These pieces showcase the stunning beauty of nature, from the "Sea-to-Sky" corridor (between Vancouver to Lillooet, BC, Canada), to the Hawaiian Islands.

To purchase or commission a piece of art, please contact with me.

Mary is a passionate, inspired artist and it comes across with every brush stroke. She has an uncanny ability to take a vision and express it on canvas, blending dreamscape with the natural world.
— Brad Fox, Retreat/Vacation Host, Housing Director