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Envision yourself atop a cliff composed of all your worries. You stand at the edge, wondering what it would be like to see yourself free of those worldly concerns.  What would happen if you were to take that leap of faith, launching yourself off this precipice into the freedom of just being? What if you took the plunge into the great unknown that is your highest potential? Do you trust yourself? Of course you do, and so you have no fear...you think, ‘what have I got to lose?’ You take the plunge, unaware of what lies below, with no fear of the consequences! You fall freely, the wind in your ears, weightless with a feeling of inner peace that permeates your being. Light as a feather, you land gently and gracefully in a calm, beautiful pool of crystal-clear blue water. A glorious feeling! You look up as you drift bellow the surface: sunlight filters through the tree branches above and bubbles swirl all around you, caressing your skin as you as a deep knowing surfaces inside you: this is freedom! Your heart rate begins to slow and temendous relief washes over you as let go of everything in your life that doesn't serve you: attachments, unresolved tensions, negative emotions...gone. Finally. Pure elation.


Acrylic on canvas.



All prints are limited edition giclées, printed on canvas or fine art paper with the highest quality archival inks. Individually signed and numbered. 

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